For short or long term living and business
1. A truly unique larger (6 bedroom, 5.5 bath over 7500 square feet, 700 plus square meters) custom home designed and  built over a 4 year period not for spec but for living by owner who is licensed CA general contractor, MBA in marketing, MIT physicist, world traveler (over 70 countries--many on business and trade shows), and inventor (and patent agent). Inventions have or were at Tokyo Disneyland, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, national and international retailers.
2. A new upscale and safe  area close to everything, but far enough away for peace and quiet.
3. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes and rolling mountains. A remarkable 270 degree view which will never  end its fascination. Easy driving and parking all around. Home filed with hi tech gadgetry, unique library, and much more.
4. Advanced heating and air (20 tons of commercial Lennox coolers with adaptive Honeywell thermostats). 38 supply registers and 5 returns strategically placed to ensure full coverage.
5. Most building elements done above building code (from the installation, slab thickness and composition, engineered lumber, vinyl windows with mostly low E  and heat mirror, copper pipe thickness, porcelain floors, advanced security and home theatre and lighting, roofing design, waterproofing.).

6. A home which is very livable, easy to maintain. Very modern, very contemporary.
7. For short or long term living or experiences or functions. It can be an afternoon, a day, a weekend, a couple of months, or a year or more--full and part time arrangements.
8. For special events like movies, TV, commercials, magazine shots, weddings, honeymoon and vacation weekends, and  business events.
9. Comparing to the most expensive areas in southern California (Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, San Marino, Newport Beach and Coast, Malibu) , examine the age of the streets, parks, infrastructure,  and shopping centers, ease of parking, traffic congestion, noise issues, street width and sidewalks on both sides, neighbors, safety, entertainment facilities, travel distance to all airports and business centers, Chino Hills is a hidden gem. Even compare to the major international destinations. ...There is no one perfect place, but not following the crowd can have its benefits! Of course in Beverly Hills, Newport Beach,  New York, London, Paris, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Singapore, Berlin, Moscow, Kiev, Hanoi, Bali, San Paulo, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Rome, Manila, Sharm El Sheikl, Dubai, Delhi,  etc. there are more expensive rental homes and flats, but often with traditional interiors.
10. Number 10 is up to you! If you have your own dream home or project (office, industrial, amusement, trade show), and you want to ad unique modern, hi tech elements, contact us for consulting on hi tech and comtemporary interiors, building, and gadgetry. We will supply the designs, sources, and vendors which it is unlikely your architect, interior designer, or other consultant are aware of.


Consulting for custom hi tech interiors, building, and gadgetry